Upcoming Events
Friday, November 16  Souper  Movie Night - Post Election Get-Together
  • Soup/Bread/Liquids/Dessert    6:30 Gather and Munch    7:00 Movie
  • Carolyn Hedgecock coordinating
Thursday, November 29th    Action Group    11-1    League Office
  • Discussion /debrief on Parkland Voter Movement voter registration
Friday December 9th    Holiday Party/Pot Luck and Program Planning 
  • Syeda’s home        6:30
Thursday, January 10th    Board meeting  11-1  League Office

Thursday, January 24        Action Meeting  11-1  League Office

Saturday, February 9th    Bay Area League Day
  • Keynote Speaker - Virginia Kase, LWVUS CEO
  • Location: Google Community Room on Embarcadero in San Francisco
Friday, March 22nd        Unity Dinner Celebrating Women’s History Month
  • Details will be announced later
 Saturday, June 8 -  Annual Meeting Guest Speaker
  • Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley


Our hardworking League volunteers have concluded another successful election season!  We completed the following in just a few short months:
  • Julie Dunkle, many League volunteers, friends of the League, and the Parkland Voter Movement youth registered over 1000 youth who are now ready to participate in democracy!  The total from last Spring and this Fall has now exceeded 3000 youth!
  • Marlyn Singer and John Smith led the team completing the Voter Information Booklets for Fremont, Newark and Union City. These booklets provide a vehicle for candidates to send out information to registered voters in a very cost-effective way.
  • Sets Amann, Miriam Keller, Carolyn Hedgcock, and me, with help from Alex Starr and Peter Starr, and many other volunteers, organized ten candidate forums which were videotaped and posted on our website.  LWFNUC’s extremely hardworking VP of Voter Service, Sets Amann, also organized several voter registration drives.
  • We held two main pros/cons presentations for the Ballot Measures which were co-sponsored by the Union City Library and the Fremont Main Library.  Miriam Keller organized the presentation in the Union City Library with co-presenters Andrea Schacter, Alex Starr and me.  Sam Neeman’s outstanding pros/cons presentation at the Fremont Main Library was very well received.  Attendees left feeling that they had a much better grasp on the issues. There were several smaller presentations, mainly taken on by the indomitable Miriam Keller and Sam Neeman!
  • And of course, no one would have known about upcoming events if Shirley Gilbert, Judy Chong and Peter Starr did not advertise on print and on our website.  We also very much appreciate Jo Szeto for handling the many calls during this busy season.

The League of Women Voters across the State and across the Nation works tirelessly to further our mission to make democracy work! We thank you for partnering with us by attending the forums, volunteering and Voting!   We invite you to the attend the December 7th Holiday and Program Planning Potluck which is just around the corner.   A Voter-E-Blast will be sent out soon with more details.

Meanwhile, the Holiday Season is a time to make that extra effort to help those in need. The recent devastating fires in California have left thousands of people without many of the basics of life: food, water and shelter.  There are various organizations who are helping to provide relief. We hope you will participate, it will take all of us working together and donating what we can to make this holiday season just a bit brighter for so many who have lost so much.

In League,

Syeda Reshma Inamdar

Your League In ACTION During the 2018 Election Cycle

The Voter Information Book (VIB) team started preparing in July for three VIBs, one for each of our cities. The completed books were mailed just before the Vote by Mail ballots were received by voters. The team members were John Smith, Gus Morrison, Sets Amann, Carolyn Hedgecock, Jean Holmes, Amy Gunnerson and Marilyn Singer. Forty-two candidates participated, a new record. Profits earned for the League will go towards Voter Service activities. Somewhere between laughter and darn hard work the books were finished on time and on budget.

Registering voters occupied our League both in the Spring and Fall. Focusing on high school students, our partnership with Parkland Voter Movement (PVM) garnered over 3,000 students for pre-registration and registration.Julie Dunkle and her son Michael were the founders of PVM. They were joined by League members and friends of the League.

One main focus was supporting student leaders who actually organized their schools participation by contacting principals and teachers, securing the rooms where the classes gathered for the presentation, and were the principal cheerleaders for PVM at each school.

League members work with the Alameda County Registrar of Voters to distribute registration forms throughout our area. Each month Sets Amann, Ellen Culver, Alex Starr, Pat Heer, Pat Lewis, Julie Dunkle, Beth Templeton, Joy Hurst and Marilyn Singer fill our boxes. The ROV pays the League to do this.

s mission to make democracy work would not be possible without the numerous volunteers.   One of our signature activities are our non-partisan candidate forums.  This year, we held 10 candidate forums, for mostly local races.  These forums require organizers, moderators, question sorters, time-keeper, greeters, video tape professional, appropriate facilities and of course, candidates willing to run for office.

Organizing candidate forums for all three cities is a big job. Miriam Keller and Sets Amann invited the candidates and followed up on the responses. Carolyn Hedgecock organized and lined up the greeters, time keepers, and question sorters and made response grids for the moderators. Syeda Inamdar secured the venues and the videographer. Sets Amann lined up the moderators: Judy Zlatnik, Jane Mueller, Syeda Inamdar, Kathy Steel-Sabo, Alex Starr, Jeff Spencer, Mary Miller, Rita Manning and Merna Morse. Videos of the forums were put on our website by Peter Starr while in the middle of it all he was transferring our League to our new MyLo site.

Among the many volunteers we have to thank and acknowledge related to the candidate forums are the following (no particular order):  Sets Amann, Miriam Keller, Carolyn Hedgecock, Syeda Inamdar, Jeff Spencer, Jane Mueller, Kathy Steel-Sabo, Rita Manning, Mary Miller, Sandy Cashmark, Joyce Mueller, Shamsa Rafay, Pat Lewis, Andrea Schacter, Cathie Kelly, Kay Emanuele, Sybil Smith, John Smith, Ellen Culver, Pat Heer,Evelyn LaTorre, Jo Szeto. 

LWVFNUC is extremely fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers, our sincere thanks to all of them.   We thank also Walter Garcia who has been videotaping our forums for many years now. We also want to thank the videographers for Union City and Newark Unified School District videographers.

Pro and Con presentations were made at several smaller venues. Presentations at the Union City library by Miriam, Alex, Syeda and Andrea and Fremont Main library by Sam Neeman were with a spectacular power point presentation.

Shirley Gilbert and Judy Chong handled public relations for all of our events by successfully keeping the League in the public eye.

Voters Edge was a valuable tool along with our own website. We continue to fund Voters Edge - even upping our contribution - with funds secured through our election activities.

Parkland Voter Movement 

This was written by Shirley Gilbert and printed in the TriCity Voice. A big thank you to Chris DeBenedetti for his assistance.

It Takes a Tri-City Community to Register Teen Voters     

Julie Dunkle was brokenhearted when she learned of the tragic deaths of 28 youngsters and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.  She and her son Michael wanted to do something meaningful to pay homage to the kids and their grieving families. 

The Fremont family put together a family project they called RAKs
Random Acts of Kindness. For example, they stuffed lottery tickets in Ziplock bags and placed them into stroller bags, and purses, and handed them to homeless folks at a concert in Central Park.  They pasted inspirational quotes in public bathrooms.  They rang doorbells at police stations, fire stations and Emergency Room venues and left homemade cookies and brownies for the selfless people who help others.

Then the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School deadly shooting took place in Parkland, Florida in February of this year followed by the Florida students countrywide campaign to boost youth voter registration and turnout.

Dunkle and her son had an epiphany. We loved the idea of registering Tri-City young people, she said.  We felt it would honor those who lost their lives in Parkland while providing a venue for young people to channel their voices into meaningful change through voting.

She points to the alarming statistics.  Only 8 percent of Californias eligible youth voted in the 2014 mid-term general election.  This translates into only 285,000 of 3.5 million eligible youth 1 out of 12 who cast a ballot.  This, she thought, has to change.

Dunkle and her son went to work.  They recruited adults and teens to start a program they eventually called the Parkland Voter Movement (PVM).  The aim of the group is to allow teens to pre-register and register their fellow teens for this years June and November elections.  In California, as of four years ago, it became legal to pre-register 16 and 17- year-olds.  These early registrants would automatically be eligible to vote at age 18.

The small team realized they needed to partner with a like-minded non-profit organization with the ability to raise funds if they were to be successful.  So they approached the nonpartisan League of Women Voters for the Tri-City area, an organization whose mission is to build citizenship for all in the democratic process. 

Dunkle and volunteers Andrea Wedewer and Corrine Hansen met with a League team headed by Alex Starr, long-time League member and currently Voter Editor for the non-profit.

I was positively blown away by this groups high aspirations and excitement,

said Starr.   "And I knew this was a natural symbiotic relationship.  We could help both with volunteers and dollars for a cause the League passionately believes in registering young voters and empowering them to be involved in the political process.

Starr points out that one of the Leagues new goals is to register as many eligible young people as possible and invite them to become League members free of charge.

In order to register students from the Tri-City areas dozen high schools, Dunkle and her initial team started by recruiting volunteers from many parts of the community:  high school student leaders, teachers, principals, League members and other Tri-City residents.  Some 20 volunteers came from the local Next Door community website.. Dunkle was delighted that the Parker Voter Movement team ended up with well nearly 130 volunteers: 86 adults and 43 students.

The volunteers gave voter education presentations and helped with the registration process at all the schools  before the June primary, and the November midterm elections.  They took the potential young voters step-by-step through the paperwork. Each registered student got a Parkland voter wristband and a sticker that said I registered to vote to commemorate the occasion. To date, the team has registered over 3,000 students. 

Dunkle is proud of that number and proud of the team who made that happen.
In the last presidential election, 84 percent of registered teens voted. So, registration is the magic key.

The programs success has provided the League with a good model that other chapters or groups can follow said Starr.  The partnership with the community and the League worked so well.  And the outcome was spectacular.

“A whole community of active teens and adults worked together to make this happen” said Dunkle. “ I believe we honored the young people of Parkland and so many others whose voices were silenced.  And we’ve empowered over 3,000 Tri-City youth so that their voices can be translated into meaningful policy to improve our democracy.”

Anyone sixteen and older can pre-register or register registertovote.ca.gov.

More information about Parkland Voter Movement (PVM) is located at:

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